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spring will be good to us

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and happy gorgeous Sunday afternoon to those who don't!

At some point when I have more time, I will tell you about how amazing Easter service was at S.'s Episcopal church.  I loved it.  Then we ate brunch, and now it is time for my midday nap.  After that, Doctor Who with the crew and chili.  This is turning into the best weekend ever.

Also, fics are up at [community profile] good_ficday and the AO3 collection!

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Hipster racism involves making derogatory comments with a racial basis in an attempt to seem witty and above it all. Specifically, the idea is to sound ironic, as in “I’m allowed to say this because of course I’m not racist, so it’s funny.” It’s an aspect of a larger part of the hipster culture, which wants to seem jaded and urbane and oh-so-witty. Using language which is viewed as inflammatory or not appropriate is supposed to push the boundaries and make someone look edgy, but it only really comes across that way to people who buy into that system. To everyone else, it’s just racist.

The thing about using racist content in an “ironic” context is that it still perpetuates racist ideas, and it is, in fact, racist. While people may ardently claim that they are not racist, the people who engage in hipster racism are overwhelmingly white and middle class, and they clearly have some unaddressed racial issues which are being subverted in their attempts to be edgy. Sometimes, they are actually explicitly racist, and they are using hipster racism as a way of presenting their racism in a way which will be acceptable within their social groups.

"Hipster Racism" via this ain't livin'
I just read this quote on a friend's tumblr, and it seemed particularly timely what with this new Amanda Palmer ridiculousness going on.  You can read about what I mean here (warning: that post contains pictures of graphic violence and murder.  You can read about what's going on at the top and not scroll down to the images if you'd prefer.)

And also this quote from the same post:
The very hipster lifestyle is, in some ways, racist, and definitely not very introspective when it comes to race. Hipsters are a driving force behind gentrification, driving out low income people and people of colour. They consistently co-opt and appropriate elements of other cultures, piecemeal, and often without any cultural sensitivity or respect. They regularly draw upon the work and legacy of people of colour, usually without crediting them, and most of their contact with people of colour comes in the form of the service personnel serving them their food, cleaning their wine bars, and picking their organic produce.
Personally I'd take product placement over hipster racism any day of the fucking week.  AND IT'S NOT LIKE EITHER ONE OF THEM ARE NEW.
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oh ada

Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

I don't have any actual content.  D:  But you should go admire [staff profile] denise, who is probably my favorite woman in technology at the moment — without her we wouldn't have the wonderful world of DW.  Also, she writes the most insanely awesome AUs of AUs of shows I don't even love and they're all amazing.  She is monstrously talented and I swear she only sleeps like an hour a night.

Of course my fave Ada Lovelace anything is Sydney Padua, who is both a woman in technology and a great webcomic artist.  Her post for today was almost thwarted by the universe, but she salvaged it anyways with her always fascinating research and hilarious faces.

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book rec: the traveling death and resurrection show

The Traveling Death and Resurrection Show by Ariel Gore

The story of a troupe of seven performance artists, narrated by a lapsed Catholic whose "trick" is manifesting stigmata, and what happens to them when they get a little too much media attention.  Gore's father is an excommunicated Catholic priest, and her bio says she grew up attending his rebel Catholic church in San Francisco.  It shows.  The book is interwoven with irreverent takes on the lives of the saints.  (Representative quote: "Thérèse [of Lisieux], you were little, but bad-ass.  Teach me to be such an awesome failure.")  The structuring mythologies are equally Catholicism and the punk performance aesthetic: other performers include a bearded woman with the singing voice of an angel and a drag queen who can levitate.  It's firmly rooted in the multicultural, diverse and kind of hippy-dippy world of the West Coast. 

Some books have been on my radar for years, but I don't get around to reading them until later.  Some books come along at the perfect time in my life.  This book is in both of those categories.  At this literal, exact moment, I needed to remember that Catholicism and the joyous, feminist anarchy of punk aesthetics can mix.  Catholics can have tattoos too!  (So stop looking at me weird during mass.)

Recommended if you like: the imagery of Catholicism, The Hold Steady, old-fashioned revivals meet circus freakshows (minus the conversion or the Othering), punk performance art, diverse casts of characters, hagiography.
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signal boost and general warning

I received a lovely troll this morning in my post on Victorientalism. I assume he came there to start a "debate" since my post was not from an academic viewpoint, but rather voiced some simple frustrations in a sarcastic manner. I notice that he did not, on the other hand, comment on the (incredibly smart and well articulated) post I linked to by [personal profile] shewhohashope, nor did he address the passages I quoted in the post.

Anyway, please be on the lookout for johncolomb on LJ.  I'm not sure how he found my post, but as it was the only comment he'd ever posted, from a journal created on March 20th, I have to assume that he created it solely to come argue with the fannish community about their stance on Victorientalism.

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from the files of: fucking seriously?

I'd been avoiding the Victorientalism thing going on around the internets, somewhat because that word is fucking stupid and it's mere existence fills me with rage, but mainly because the conclusions seem so obvious to me: OMFG you're being racist please just shut up and go back to sewing buttons on things.

I guess I tend to forget that not everyone writing articles and editing magazines enjoyed the college education I did, and so not everyone got the memo about colonialism and Orientalism and how these are Bad Things and need to deconstructed, not lauded and reappropriated. It seems so obvious to me.

Luckily, people who are far more articulate have taken the time to break down the issue and actually explain things. I highly recommend reading this post by [personal profile] shewhohashope , as it contains both relevant links and quotes, and an intelligent addressing of Orientalism:
Academic study and appropriation of cultural artifacts by those outside the culture in question can be damaging in itself, as the meanings placed on practices and artifacts of marginalised cultures by dominant cultures can have wider distribution and greater legitimacy than those created by people within the original context, and even become the dominant interpretations within that original context.


While I'm not denying that orientalists were "smitten" with Eastern cultures, I am saying that their feelings are irrelevant. Using one's feelings and desires as an excuse to shield oneself from criticism is a pastime of the privileged. How can one be criticised for what one enjoys? Very easily. Taste does not spring, fully-formed from nothingness; we are all shaped by the cultures we are immersed in, and they teach us what is to be valued, and in which circumstances.
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on the fly, just leaving these here

[community profile] good_ficday is up and running! I'm co-modding, which is pretty exciting for me. I'll write more about this later, but go check it out now!

Also, we have a free table at work, where people leave things they don't want anymore. Today there were books! I got a bunch of things, including come C.S. Lewis non-fic I've been wanting to read.

I was perusing the preface to The Screwtape Letters, and I found this quote, which is very interesting in light of SPN season 5:
Devil is opposite of angel only as Bad Man is the opposite of Good Man. Satan, the leader or dictator of devils, is the opposite, not of God, but of Michael.
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signal boost

Three weeks for Dreamwidth[personal profile] erda has done an awesome job putting this together so far.  In celebration of the one year anniversary of open beta, this will be content generating fest with all kinds of components.  Mainly, posters will develop content (fannish or not) and then host it solely on Dreamwidth for 3 weeks.  So, say you write a story for the fest.  Starting on April 26, you can post that story to DW, get it linked and listed all over the place, and have people come read it!  Then, after 3 weeks (from the original posting date), you're free to put it up at AO3, or LJ, or where ever else you like.

I'm super excited about this, but I have no clue yet what my content will look like.  I'm sure I will make at least one mix, since that is what I do.  But what else?  Brainstorming and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

LJ friends: I think this would be an awesome time to come over to DW, start a journal and maybe do something new, and then get it linked everywhere and be pretty much guaranteed exposure and new friends!