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12 January 2010 @ 09:42 pm
chunky like peanut butter?  
So I have decided to try my hand (my brain?) at this craziness: The Chunkster Challenge.  You know I can't resist a challenge.

One year.  Over 1750 pages.  (I'm only committing to 3, since I will in theory be starting grad school in the fall and will then have zero time for insane reading challenges over and above the one called grad school.  Oh lord.) 

Will I make it?  Will I go insane trying?  Will these three books be all I manage to read for the year?  (I hope not!)

Anyway, I'll write up reviews and post them here.  You know, when I actually finish a book.  And if you wanted to sign up too and join me in my insanity, that would be awesome.